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Welcome to Blueprint4Creation. These are the web pages of Rosalind Pape, an artist, numerologist and sacred geometer dedicated to educating, uplifting and promoting the expansion of consciousness through the study and practice of Numerology and Sacred Geometry. Roz is the creator of Personal Blueprint mandalas, powerful healing tools that articulate your unique vibratory coding, from your birth-name and birth-date. All Roz's mandalas are hand-painted which creates a very potent energy field, with energy being chanelled directly through the hand rather than through the computer.

Everything in essence is vibration, this is the fundamental understanding of reality reached by the scientific and spiritual communities alike. Numerology and Sacred Geometry are two sides of the same coin: number defines the rate and quality of vibration while Geometry expresses these vibrations as archetypal forms.

In essence, Roz is a language teacher, teaching the universal language of vibration as reflected through number and form. Sacred Geometry is often referred to as "The Language of Light" because it articulates the movement of light through all forms from the original moment of creation, the division of Unity into multiplicity. It is a universal language that moves beyond the limitations of secular language and clearly articulates the inherent UNITY of all creation throughout all the dimensional levels. The study and practice of Sacred Geometry uncovers the vibrational blueprints for the creation of the Universe. What Numerology and Sacred Geometry make completely clear is that understanding of how it can be that we are unique individuals and yet also aspects of one divine whole, perpetually recreating and patterning the Universe.


Most often, the subject of Mathematics we are taught at school gives us a glimpse of only one side of the story of number, the left-brain perspective. We are taught to understand number as a mere quantity, and to perform calculations accordingly. But what is often missing from the whole mainstream educational environment is the right brain perspective of subjects, which perceives the QUALITY of things, not just the quantity or the objective rationalism of a subject that is understood by the left brain. Numerology is right-brain mathematics, the qualitative and formative principle of vibration.

Geometric mandalas are used by most of the earth's ancient cultures to balance the left and right brain and expand the mind so that Unity consciousness can be perceived. Understanding the language of vibration through the synthesis of Numerology and Sacred Geometry is incredibly transformative. It leads us all to the source of who we really are.


Pythagoras, Plato, Jesus and Leonardo da Vinci, all followed the teachings of the ancient Egyptians, who along with many other ancient cultures, were aware of the split and bias in our perception. They organised their mystery school around the theme of Polarity by creating the Right Eye (left-brain) and Left Eye (right-brain) of Horus Mystery Schools. Each school emphasised the reality of Unity consciousness via the perceptions of the left and right brain. Their aim was to open up the human perceptual bandwidth to its full capacity, so that we would become aware of the limitless dimensions, and ultimately, multi-dimensional consciousness, existing beyond time and space.


The study of Sound and the study of Sacred Geometry, as the ancients intuited, provide the key to the understanding of the Universe and how and why it came into being. In the beginning was the WORD, the initial vibrational utterance that intoned and informed creation. Sound and Geometry are one and the same thing, which is what caused Goethe to coin his famous quote:

"Geometry is frozen music".

When you look at a geometric mandala, you are seeing sound and music, and when you hear music, you are hearing the beauty of harmonic geometric patterns and relationships. Geometry, Sound, Colour, Light, Love, they are all vibrations, and they all emanate from the Source, from All-that-Is.


This universal language is once again resurfacing within our current time-cycle because we are reaching a point where our perception will need a wider, more unifying framework than the spoken and written word, if we are to truly know ourselves as who we really are.

I have been lucky enough to experience the phenomena of Crop Circles in England, on numerous occasions. Although there are many hoax circles, there are also ones that defy logical explanation. There are a number of "trademarks" that verify a crop circle as authentic, an authentic mystery, that is!

When I first entered a field where a fresh design had been imprinted I was struck by the buzz of energy I could feel and hear. And then suddenly I emerged from the corn into a flattened vista of circular beauty. The buzz turned into a high-frequency whine in my inner ear that traveled through my body. It was breathtaking. Stepping into the circles, which are usually only part of a much larger design, I noticed that the corn was spongy underfoot. There was a large gap between the corn and the earth. Walking upon it immediately flattened it to the ground: these circles had not been walked upon to flatten them.

The stalks, on inspection, had been neatly bent over at ninety degrees and lain down in what appeared to be a spiraling vortex emanating from the centre of the circle. And very often, standing at the centre was a solitary corn stalk, upright and proud like an exclamation mark! For me, the crop patterns shined a spotlight on my spiritual heritage and destiny. I KNEW these patterns�WE ALL DO. I couldn't quite tell what they meant at that point, but I knew that they meant a great deal, and not just to me personally, but to all humankind.They evoked that sweet, wistful homesickness: memories that felt like dreams of distant times and places. They were speaking to me, but in a language beyond language. What did they mean?

So began my journey into the realms of the language of light. My realization is that the crop patterns and symbols are vibrational blueprints that activate the human and planetary vibratory blueprint. Coded by time, they unlock the coded vibrations in our energy fields that allow our consciousness to grow. These sacred geometrical forms are maps for consciousness expansion.

This is the conclusion I have come to after working with Sacred Geometry continuously over the last 18 years. What I found fascinating is the harmonising and balancing effect these patterns had as I worked with them, painted them, and understood them. While my right brain perceived the beauty and holographic unity they presented, my left-brain became convinced that Unity consciousness is a "scientific fact" due to the effortless mathematical logic also conveyed throughout these forms.


Over the years, Roz has received amazing feedback about the potent healing and inspiring energy her mandalas create. Please feel free to contact Roz with any questions you may have, and to share this material if you feel compelled to do so. Namaste!


"Sacred Geometry represents indisputable evidence of the possibility of a conscious evolution, as well as an evolution of consciousness".

ROBERT LAWLOR: "Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice".


"That one can work out forms which are seen purely inwardly, independent of the outer senses, gave me a feeling of deep contentment. I found consolation for the loneliness caused by the many unanswered questions. To be able to grasp something purely spiritual brought me an inner joy. I know that through geometry I first experienced happiness."


" Those who use Geometric figures to describe the beginning of Creation must attempt to show how an absolute Unity can become the multiple and diverse Universe"


"Number is at the root of being and the cause for the quality of all things" "Numbers contain the secrets of things. Number rules everything, it is a weaving living essence"

Pythagoras (6th century B.C.).





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