The ancient cultures used visual symbols to open up the right brain awareness, and to move consciousness beyond a solid, objective and finite perspective, into the infinite realm of Oneness from where everything in existence emanates. One of the most common images seen throughout the different cultures and time-cycles is known as the FLOWER OF LIFE. This pattern is a map for the left-brain to follow in understanding how and why everything in creation emanates from one source. It explains in logical terms what the Right brain intuitively KNOWS. By proving to the Left-brain that unity consciousness exists, its stranglehold on our awareness is released, and the Right brain can express itself with more validity and freedom. The flower of life, containing the alphabet of the Language of light, illuminates the deep, dark knowings of the right brain, so that we can perceive the bigger picture.
The teachings from the Flower of Life form the basis of Roz's studies, inspiration and teaching. The language of sacred geometry is the word of universal creation.

Sat Nam!

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