Colour Frequency: ORANGE

Sound Frequency: A

Orange is the colour of the Sacral chakra, which is our creative centre and also governs our ability to relate and form relationships with people. An open and balanced Sacral chakra makes us sociable, outgoing and optimistic. Orange is a balanced mix of red energy, which is active and expanding, and of yellow energy, which is linked to the mental will and the expression of ideas. Orange energy encourages us to express our emotions without fear, so we can form strong, healthy relationships.
The Sacral chakra directs pranic flow throughout the body and when stimulated by the orange ray, the processes of assimilation, circulation and distribution of pranic energy is amplified. This is why you will see Buddhist monks and nuns wearing orange robes. The Sacral chakra strengthens the etheric body and acts as the balancer between the etheric and astral energies.



The Sanskrit term for the Sacral chakra, "Svadistana", means "dwelling of the vital force". It is where the Kundalini, the vital life-force of the body, lies colied, ready to flow up through the higher chakras when they are open and working harmoniously together.

It is connected to the female reproductive organs, and relates to sexual power and creative energy; the energy that can create and control the human form emanates from this energy centre. It works in close harmony with the Throat chakra; the throat seeks to express creativity, to utilise the creative power that is generated by the Sacral chakra. The colours orange and blue are complementary on the colour wheel, and we can look at the complementary colour relationships with the rest of the chakras, too.

All our beliefs about what attracts or repells us from others emanate from the energy circulated by this chakra. When we can rise above our judgements based upon our beliefs, we have balanced this chakra. People with this balance will show a sensitivity to the needs of others without becoming too attached to them. They will be able to relate to others with warmth and appropriately.

An underactive Sacral chakra can cause the person to become oversensitive, emotionally dramatic, sexually repressed, and overwhelmed by shame and guilt.

If this chakra becomes overactive, sexual energy can go into overdrive, and people will express their sexuality inappropriately. They can be manipulative and aggressive, with predatory instincts.




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