Colour Frequency: GREEN

Sound Frequency: C

Green is the colour of balance and harmony, it reflects the soothing frequency of Mother Nature, and so green also expresses growth, abundance and material proliferation. The vibration of green brings peace, balance and harmony and strongly influences the heart and blood pressure, soothing the nerves. Green is a refreshing and restorative colour.


The Sanskrit term for the Heart chakra, Anahata, means "the unstruck chord", or "unheard sound". It is connected to and activates the thymus, the immune system and the circulatory and the lymphatic system.

This is the energy center that opens our capacity to love and feel compassion for ourselves and everything around us. Its' purpose is to elevate our perception of love from a purely physical reaction, which is usually based upon conditions, to an awareness of love from a non-physical, spiritual perspective, in other words, unconditional love.

The Heart Chakra is the 4th chakra and sits directly in the middle of the 7 major chakra system, and is the bridge between the Lower and Higher chakras. This chakric form is usually depicted with 12 petals and its colour frequency is Green. Focusing on this mandala will balance the frequency of the Heart chakra, opening up compassion, empathy and love.

The Heart chakra, when open and balanced will promote feelings of love and compassion for the self and non-judgement of the self and others. There is also a desire to nurture and facilitate growth. The number 6 and 12 (double 6) are the number frequencies that are in resonance with the Heart chakra.

When this chakra is overative, conditional love takes precedent, and we become judgemental and critical, rigid and depressed. An underactive Heart chakra can make people feel clingy or fearful of being hurt and rejected.

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