11/11: The revelation of the REAL Holy trinity:


How many of us have remarked on the 11:11 phenomena? That uncanny synchronicity that compells us to look at the clock at exactly 11:11. An interesting coincidence perhaps, and one unique to the digital age, but the frequency of its occurence was one of the motivations for my initial investigations into Numerology in the early 90's. Since then I have come to understand, and hold in awe, the beautifully simple and yet profoundly inspiring symbolism that the vibration of 11 beckons us to, a transcendence of polarity and duality to Unity.
11 is known as the Master number vibration to most Numerologists. The process of Numerology is very simple, the language of vibration is revealed to us through the archetype ABC of the root essence numbers, the single digits 1 to 9, and most compound numbers are reduced to reveal the root essence. But with 11 we stop and marvel at the deeper symbolism that 1 + 1 uncovers, because through the geometry of 11 we can see that 1 + 1 does not equal 2, it equals 3, and in fact reveals to us the power of creation, the real Holy trinity.
In sacred geometry, the number 1 is represented by a circle, and 11 can be represented by two circles joined together, and this form is known by geometers/alchemists as the Vesica Piscis. The Vesica Piscis is the form created when two circles connect and yet divide each other through their centres: It is the image of the Vesica Piscis that destroys the myth that polarities are separate from each other. it reflects the unifying principle, that when two polar aspects are first identified, divided and then joined back together, an awareness that life is greater than the sum of its' parts is reached. This imagery reflects the secret to consciousness expansion that the 11 contains, that although we are living with a very polarised world view, male/female, black/white, good/evil, the key to overcome the limitations of this perspective is to marry, or join the polar aspects. And when we do this we birth the number 3, the space that joins the two, defining them and unifying them.
"Light cannot reveal itself alone and on its own; shadows or darkness must be present as well- here, therefore, you have a duality. The Good could never reveal itself if Evil were not there as it's shadow-picture. The duality of Good and Evil is an essential in the manifested world" Rudolph Steiner.
As you can see, when 2 join, a 3rd space is created, but what is miraculous about this form is that it creates the mathematical foundations, or ratios, for the geometry of light, manifestation and procreation, otherwise known as the square roots of 3, 2 and 5 respectively.
The two circles represent two polar opposites, and in this sense, one circle defines the female or receptive aspect of consciousness while the other circle symbolises the male or expressive aspect of consciousness. The Vesica Piscis is the space that joins the 2 to birth the 3rd, the joining of female and male energy to create a new form. And within this oval form between the two circles, is found the mathematical ratio that creates the synergy of magnetic (female) and electrical energy (male) that actually creates the electromagnetic spectrum, or LIGHT itself. Is it any wonder then, that the Vesica Piscis is exactly the shape of the EYE? After all, it is the window through which we can view light and the reflection of creation.
This is the image of reflection. It is also the image of the creator, "God", and it is said we are created in that image. The word man, although apparently genderised, comes from the Sanskrit word, Mannas which translates as "the consciousness that can reflect upon itself". We need light to see, feel, hear a reflection. Numerology expresses the vibratory power of words and language, and fascinatingly, the word LIGHT adds up to 11!
So with 11 we have the joining of two 1's that leads us to 2. 1 is a circle, and when we join two circles, we have the image of light, and actually create the vibration of 3, or the trinity. The holiness about the trinity is that when this step of unfoldment is reached, there is no going back, the creative force has been unleashed and set in motion,the geometric blueprints have been identified and the birth of creation has begun. And this translates to us directly and physically as well; at the point of conception, the male and female cells join and pass through the image of the Vesica Piscis to begin the process of cell division.
The revelation of the Holy Trinity is what lies behind the mysticism of the 3. All creation stories across the religious and scientific divides, begin with the source of ALL-THAT-IS existing as a point (or a circle) beyond time and space within a void where nothing else exists, not even light. Then, creation begins by consciousness' desire to know itself experientially. This desire-awareness created a movement, a vibrational thought-form that divided the God self into 2. To know itself, it had to see itself for what is, and to see is to gaze upon a REFLECTION of itself. Reflection is the mirroring of light, and this is what is depicted in the geometry of the Vesica Piscis, the holographic mirroring of reality. 11 represents the creation and reflection of Light, and reveals to us what we are, light-beings who are reflections of the creator looking back upon itself throughout the whole of creation.
The 11:11 phenomena is spirit reminding us of who we really are, and connects us with the Unity of creation, it opens up a gateway in our consciousness that leads us back home to the source. 11 is viewed as a gateway, especially in the geometric symbols used by the Freemasons and their fore-runners, the alchemists. Working as an artist for the Freemasons in England I created banners which depict two pillars (11), with a chequerboard floor vanishing towards infinity lying beneath them (depicted as a triangle or Pyramid between the pillars). This represents the infinite consciousness that can be perceived when we join the polarity of the mind, the left brain and right brain perspectives, represented by the black and white squares, and the two pillars of the 11. When this happens, the trinity appears as a triangle, the blueprint for light, and enlightened consciousness.
The 11th of November 2011 is seen as a very potent date as it amplifies this revelation of the trinity that the 11 reveals, 11/11/11. However, although we shorten the year 2011 to 11, 2011 is actually a 4 year, 2+0+1+1, and it was actually the 11th of November 2009, (2009 is an 11 year, 2+0+0+9 = 11) that gave us the real 11/11/11, numerologically speaking. But the power of our collective focus on the digital abbreviation of 11/11/11 being on 11th November 2011 has caused this amplification to repeat itself expotentially!
"Without a conception of the true Trinity in humankind, we must fall into the snares of the modern psychological doctrines. The lack of perception of this primal "secret of number" has brought much confusion into the world for a thousand years. Man needs to get to know himself in the constant interplay of the three systems, the Sense-nervous system, the Rhythmic system, and the Metabolic system. There is no revelation, no manifestation, without the sway of the Godhead behind it. Hence behind every duality there is a hidden Oneness, a hidden unity. Therefore the Three is nothing else than the Two and the One - the Revelation and the Godhead behind the Revelation." Rudolph Steiner.


Plants use the geometry of light to photosynthesise, to transform light into matter.
"I have often emphasized that the 3-fold membering of the human organism, or of the human nature as a whole, was done away with for posterity by the Eighth Ecumenical Council of Constantinople in 869. The dogma was then established that Christians must not believe in a 3-fold human, rather a 2-fold human. Acknowledgement of the existence of the 3rd element, Spirit, was forbidden.Theologians and Philosophers of the Middle Ages who were well aware of the true facts, had a hard time working with them, for the 3-fold membering of Body, Soul and Spirit, known as the Trichotomy, was declared hertical. Scholars were compelled to teach Duality, that the human being consists only of body and soul, and not body, soul and spirit. But as certain human beings were well aware, replacing a 3-fold membering by a 2-fold one was of tremendous consequence for human spiritual life."
Rudolf Steiner.
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