The best place to view the latest personal mandalas is on the Personal Mandalas page on Facebook:
Here are a selection of personal mandalas from 2011-2012:
The Personal Mandalas are what keeps Roz most busy, and it is her mission to facilitate the growth and potential of human consciousness by identifying the uniqueness of our vibratory essence through this powerfully transformative spiritual technology. In other words, the Personal Mandalas are her priority!
Roz posts detailed information about the numerological vibration of the day and picks the corresponding mandala for meditational focus. Read today's post below:
Energy blueprint mandalas can be used in so many different ways. Having these mandalas in your environment resonates their energy into your subtle energy fields. Roz is currently working on a number of projects/products that utilize the power of vibration through sacred geometry and numerology.
MANDALA T- SHIRTS - Wear the energy you want to embody!
MANTRALAS - Kundalini Yoga Mantras reflected in powerful mandalas!
ANGELIC BLUEPRINT MANDALAS- The sacred angelic names as energy blueprint mandalas!


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