You have the gift of spiritual inspiration. You are able to inspire enthusiasm in others. You have the number 2 here, which desires to share and seek communion with others. In a lot of ways the 1 and 2 are opposites, because the 1 is usually more interested in the self rather than others, whereas the 2 is more interested in others than the self. Also, where 1 likes to take the lead, a 2 is more likely to follow. Sometimes you can be full of contradictions, too. You may finally make your mind up about something, only to change it again the next day, which can be infuriating to some people you come across. However, although 1 and 2 may appear as opposites on the surface, they actually temper each other and when positive and balanced, can really bring out the best of each other.

DESTINY # 2nd CIRCLE: 66 (/12/3)

You also have the number 12 making its presence felt in your Path of Destiny vibration. The 12th Card in the Tarot is the HANGED MAN. The Hanged Man hangs upside-down in a tree, with his viewpoint directed to the heavens. People laugh at him and ridicule him because it appears to them that he is crazy - he sees everything upside down, in REVERSAL. Reversal is the keyword for the symbolism of this card, because in actual fact, the hanged man, by tuning into the spiritual, cosmic laws of the universe, is the one who can perceive the TRUE reality. It is the others who are crazy; believing in the illusory reflection that is physical, material reality, and believing that this is the only reality there is.

LIFE LESSON # 3rd CIRCLE: 44 (/8)

You have a "So Below" master number in the 44, one that has the ability to ground the exceptional energy that it expresses. The 44 is in the challenge area of your chart, telling us that it will be quite a task at times to anchor the potentials of this vibration, but this is what you have chosen to do this lifetime. We can conclude, though, that this really is a lifetime of lifetimes for you, there is a tremendous amount you want to achieve this time around, and with the 44 directing your vocational path, it is highly likely that you will achieve all that you set out to do!

PERSONALITY # 4th CIRCLE: 38/11 (/2)

You express the need to rise above limitations and show others how to overcome their self-imposed boundaries. You must involve yourself with work that promotes light, empathy and understanding. All the metaphysical disciplines will appeal to you, and you may be involved in teaching spiritual concepts, and empowering others through your inspirational creativity. 11's are very often found at the cutting edge of innovative research, and are very successful in areas that marry spiritual and scientific concepts. You could be the inventor of a free-energy or anti-gravity device, a scientist with a heart, and a very altruistic nature.

The geometry of 1 is formed by the circle. The symbol of the numeral 1 is a straight line moving out from the void, represented also by the circle. So we have a link between 1 and zero, in the language of geometry they are one and the same. 1 as the circle symbolises Unity, Wholeness, Completeness, Perfection. As the arrow it symbolises inspiration, movement and dynamism.

The geometry of 66 is reflected in 2 x 6 and this comes through as a 12-petaled star-flower, or a double Star of David. 4 triangles interlock so we have the energy of 4 x 3, the ability to ground and manifest the creative energy of the Trinity.In earthly systems of counting, the number 12 is seen as a complete circuit, especially when we consider the face of a clock; there are 12 hours in a day, 12 months in a year, etc. So 12 is considered a full set or completed range of experience.

The geometry of 8

The teaching contained within the higher vibration of 11 is to balance the theme of POLARITY, as it is perceived here on earth. 11 shatters the illusion that polar opposites are totally separate from each other. The energy of 11 seeks to unify the male and female aspects of the psyche, to marry the perceptual consciousness of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This is the founding principle of Sacred Geometry, to use visual harmonics to stimulate holistic awareness.
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