So as a 7 you are at the core of your self a very deep person who is very receptive to your sub-conscious and super-conscious. You are someone who has a very high degree of intelligence, and so you will often be approached for your advice. It's true that as a 7, you may un-nerve people with your psychic ability. You can pick up the truth of any situation, and if anyone is trying to keep something secret from you, you will inevitably find them out. Your powers of intuition are very potent, your hunches are never wrong: you must always trust your intuition 100%, it will never let you down. You just need to make sure you listen to it. Use it to guide you and others to define a wider perception of reality. You'll find that all the best decisions you make in your life come from following your intuition.

DESTINY # 2nd CIRCLE: 78/15/6

There has to be an integration of consciousness, a balancing of our perceptual awareness if we are to know ourselves as co-creators. The 6 illustrates the relationship of the divine and the human, indicating that humankind's spiritual path lies in the balance of the spiritual and the physical, the eternal and the transitory. This is the founding principle of Sacred Geometry, to address and present the laws of vibration to both sides of the brain equally so that we can begin to perceive with Unity consciousness. Both spiritual and scientific concepts stimulate your intellect and your intuition, and it is your soul's purpose to harmonise, balance and eventually unify the objective (scientific), and the subjective (spiritual) perceptions of reality.

LIFE LESSON # 3rd CIRCLE: 28/10/1

With 1 as your root essence Life Lesson vibration, you are challenged with going forth and initiating new ideas and learning how best to apply your innovative viewpoint in the material world. This is the number of the Initiator - VERY independent and self-sufficient. You must learn to be original, strong-willed, creative and innovative. This vibration is very dynamic and forceful, and will furnish you with the courage and drive to go ahead into new fields of expression and be a pioneer.


44 personalities are seen as being extremely disciplined, resourceful and cautious. Once you have committed yourself to a job you will put your all into it, you are not afraid of hard work. In fact 4 can impel you to work well beyond the call of duty. Workaholics will definitely have a lot of 4 and/or 44 and 8 (a multiple of 4, of course) in their charts. Your dedication is to be admired, but be careful not to work yourself into the ground and compromise your health and well being, of yourself, and your loved-ones. Your spouse/partner and family may get seriously fed-up with your workload; they could end up having hardly any quality time with you at all. Make sure you allow yourself some leisure time, too, where you can relax and take stock of things.

This 7-fold system of evolutionary development ties in with the chakric system of eastern philosophy. The evolved human has her 7 chakras (meaning "Wheel" in Sanskrit), open, spinning healthily and giving and receiving information from the Universe. The 7 Chakras correspond with the 7 spectral colours we see in Light, and we can note that wherever the heavens interweave with human life the 7 occurs in a subtle way: The RAINBOW is the most supersensible sight we can behold on the earth with the physical senses and reflects the full realm of the human perceptual bandwidth.

Since ancient times the Star of David (known throughout many cultures by many different names), has been the most evocative symbol of the spiritual axiom, "AS ABOVE - SO BELOW".This sacred form represents the concept that the material world is but a reflection of the greater reality, the unseen spiritual reality. The upward-pointing triangle represents the heavens, the cosmic source of the divine, while the downward-pointing triangle represents the earth, the birthplace of material form where cosmic energy can manifest itself and look back at the reflection in the mirror.

The geometry of 1 is formed by the circle. The symbol of the numeral 1 is a straight line moving out from the void, represented also by the circle. So we have a link between 1 and zero, in the language of geometry they are one and the same. 1 as the circle symbolises Unity, Wholeness, Completeness, Perfection. As the arrow it symbolises inspiration, movement and dynamism.

The shape of the 8, known as the Lemniscate, depicts the rhythm of energy that flows around and within two polar opposites. The material realm is a reflection, the polar opposite of the Spiritual world. The 8 shows us how these polar opposites pass through the same point of unity before measuring their differences. The crossing point of the figure 8 suggests the crossing-point from the material realm to the spiritual realm, the "needle's eye" through which it is difficult for those chained to materialism to pass.
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